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To get a better understanding of why we focus on engineering as one of the key aspects in our class, check out this cool video below!

Online Resources for Current STEM Classroom Challenges

6th Grade Period 1 Code.org

Need to work on your coding courses at home?  Click the logo on the left to go to your classes login page!

6th Grade Period 7 Code.org

Need to work on your coding courses at home?  Click the logo on the left to go to your classes login page!

Tinkercad: 3D Modeling

Need to work on your 3D modeling asssignments at home?  Click the logo on the left to go to the tinkercad login page.

Piskel Online Editor

Need to work on your piskel animations for Game Design? Click the logo on the left to go to the piskel online image editor.

Beepbox Online Editor

Need to work on your beepbox tracks for Game Design? Click the logo on the left to go to the beepbox online editor.

MakeyMakey Board Remapper

Need to remap your MakeyMakey board for custom keys or commands?  Click the logo on the left to go to the online remapper.

Ever wanted a kit we used in class for yourself?

Below you will find all of the kits and parts we used in our STEM classes to use at home! This is a collection of the tools and kits we use in our 6th-8th grade STEM classes. By clicking the “Read More” you can gather some more information on them as well as where to purchase a kit of your very own!

Kano Computer Kit

Currently used in our 6th grade STEM classes, learn how to build your own computer!  Follow the story, plug the parts, see how it works. Learn to code art, games and music. Hack Minecraft, make lights flash and code your own video games with step-by-step challenges that show you how!

Ozobot EVO

Currently used in our 6th grade STEM classes, learn how to code using flowcharts with Ozobot EVO! You can code Evo two: online with OzoBlockly programming and screen-free (as we do in class) with Color Code markers. You can interact as Evo shows off a series of tricks—all built with code!

Sphero SPRK+ Robotics

Currently used in our 6th and 7th grade STEM classes, Sphero SPRK+ is equipped with Bluetooth SMART and a scratch-resistant, durable shell, taking hands-on learning up a notch. SPRK+ will foster a love of robotics, coding, and STEAM principles… all through play!

Makeblock: Airblock Drone

Currently used in our 7th grade STEM classes, Makeblock’ s Airblock Drone is a transformable, flying robot, made specially for children. All Airblock modules have an innovative magnetic design with a codeable controller. Assemble with a single touch and you’re ready to fly!

Flashforge Creator Pro

Currently used in our 7th grade STEM classes, The Flashforge Creator Pro is a very reliable 3D printer with excellent precision and professional quality. The sturdy metal frame increases stability of the printer’s moving parts. Metal platform support and 10mm Z-axis guide rods allow for precise movement of the z-axis.

Makeymakey I/O Board

Currently used in our 7th grade STEM classes, use Makeymakey to turn everyday objects like bananas into touchpads! Connect the world around you to your computer! Setup takes just seconds. Just plug, clip, and play! No programming knowledge needed. No software to install.


Currently used in our 7th grade STEM classes, micro:bit is a tiny programmable computer, designed to make learning and teaching easy and fun! You can use your BBC micro:bit for all sorts of cool creations, from robots to musical instruments – the possibilities are endless.

HTC Vive

Currently used in our 6th grade STEM classes, the HTC Vive is a first-of-its-kind virtual reality system. Used for building simple machines in virtual reality, the VIVE is much more than we use it for. IF you have a powerful enough computer to run it, it’s an incredible device.

Makeblock: MBot Robot

Currently used in our 7th & 8th grade STEM classes, mBot is a STEAM education robot for beginners, that makes learning robot programming simple and fun. As they go, they will learn about a variety of robotic machinery and electronic parts, get to grips with the fundamentals of block-based programming, and develop their logical thinking and design skills.

Pitsco TETRIX MAX Dual-Control Robotics Set

Curently used in our afterschool STEM program, get the best of both worlds and take hands-on STEM learning to the next level with the TETRIX MAX Dual-Control Robotics Set. Complete with the PRIZM® Robotics Controller and wireless gamepad and receiver, this set comes with everything needed to create programmable or remote-controlled robots.

Raspberry Pi 3

Currently used in our after-school STEM program, the RaspberryPi 3 is currently powering our classroom arcade! IF you would like to build an arcade of your own this is the board you need to get started! Note: Only the Pi 3 works NOT the 3B+

SparkFun: Inventor's Kit for Arduino Uno

Currently used in our 8th grade STEM classes, the SparkFun Inventor’s Kit (SIK) for Arduino Uno is a great way to get started with programming and hardware interaction with the Arduino programming language. The SIK includes everything you need to complete five overarching projects consisting of 16 interconnected circuits that teach everything from blinking an LED to reading sensors. The culminating project is your very own autonomous robot! No previous programming or electronics experience is required to use this kit.

Bloxels Kits

Currently used in our after-school STEM program, with Bloxels you don’t need to understand code and own a computer to make video games anymore. All it takes is your Bloxels Gameboard, some blocks and a mobile device and, of course, your imagination to build your own video games!

LittleBits Kits

Currently used in our 6th & 7th grade STEM classes, meet the complete LittleBits STEAM toolbox to get students of all technological skill sets engaged through open-ended hands-on creative problem solving. Developed with educators, the STEAM Student Set makes the engineering design process fun and iterative for students by giving you everything you need to easily implement 20+ hours of standards-aligned curriculum.

Vex Robotics Catapult Kit

Currently used in 7th grade STEM classes, this modern Catapult has a ratcheting winch that can control the distance projectiles are thrown. Crank the winch to its maximum tension, and you can hurl balls over 10 feet!


Here you can find videos and images of our classroom!

First, a word from your STEM classmates:

About your feedback

Over the past several years, the STEM program has developed and changed based on your feedback. Every piece of input you provide during and after lessons is taken into consideration and can make significant changes to not only what you do, but future generations of STEM students in our classroom. Keep providing feedback, having fun and asking questions.

5th Grade Open House STEM Showcase

Here you will find books that I personally recommend. If you see this icon on a book sgold it means that this book is in the classroom library! Just ask to sign it out and you can borrow it until you’re done! If you would like to suggest a book that is not listed here, just let me know and I will do my best to add it here and credit you with the recommendation!

Reading a great book, whether its a novel or a comic, is one of the best things you can do in life. It’s what led me to be a teacher and inspires me to change the way we think about books. George R.R. Marin said it best, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.”


About the "Book of the Month"

Note: The book with the golden border is the “Book of the Month”! Ask Mr. Russo about this book in class and he will lend you his copy!

Girls Who Code: Learn to Code and Change the Worldsgold

Finding Wonders: Three Girls Who Changed Science

Curiosity The Story of a Mars Rover

Make: Getting Started with Raspberry Pisgold

Learn to Program with Scratchsgold

DK Series: Coding Games in Scratchsgold

DK Series: Coding Games in Python

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Princesgold

Women In Gaming: 100 Professionals of Playsgold

Blood, Sweat, and Pixels: Game Industrysgold

The Game Console: A Photographic History

Super Mario Bros. Encyclopediasgold

Note to Parents:

Hello and welcome to the parents section! I update the site frequently with updated news and information for my parents to stay informed about what’s happening in class and of course new initiatives.

Our STEM class is unique in that we cover content across a variety of subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Physics) in order to prepare students for the new age. In STEM, students grades are based on radically different principles from the standard classroom, due to its nature and structure.

For example, 6th grade hands on projects are graded based on the amount of detail documented on their approach to solve an issue. Since they are not graded on whether their idea succeeds or fails (as that would discourage them from trying to innovate), it allows students to think differently and take risks, which is what STEM is all about!

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Supplies Needed!

If you can help, the current supplies that are in demand are:

    • Paper Towels
    • Clorox Wipes
    • Colored Duct Tape

Awesome Videos

Johnny Express

There are all sorts of Aliens living throughout space. Johnny is a Space Delivery Man who travels to different planets to deliver packages. Johnny is lazy and his only desire is to sleep in his autopilot spaceship. Will he be able to finish his mission without trouble?

Lucky Lou

When the chaotically misfortunate Jenkins and the monotonously lucky Lou run into each other one morning, they find a thrilling and fulfilling change of pace as they hurtle down the hills of San Francisco in an ice cream cart.

The Blind's Dinosaur

A french animated short… watch for the surprise ending! The Blind’s Dinosaur is a 3D animation short film directed by Gatan Borde. This funny short film was created in six months at Supinfocom Valenciennes (France).

Parallel Parking

Made to brighten up your day! Drive safe, you never know what can happen…

Quick Games

A quick and fun game where you have to rearrange letters find an answer as fast as possible! How high can you score? Works on PC, iPhone & Android!

A fast paced game where you have to try and solve as many math problems as fast as you can! Act quick before the time runs out! How many can you get in a row? Works on PC, iPhone & Android!

Hop into Snowball World and test your problem solving skills across 20 different levels! Can you master this world? Works on PC, iPhone & Android (Note: The music in this game was created by one of our very own students using beepbox!)

See how far you can get with the Flapcat Russo’s Room edition! Similar to flappy bird, keep tapping and try to beat the high score! Works on PC, iPhone & Android!