Welcome to the Learning Lab!

Here you will find educational videos created by Mr. Russo as well as others to help you with important topics covered in class. Whether were covering vital STEM, Physics, Science or Tech concepts, videos are always posted here for your convenience.

Timelapse of the Universe

On a cosmic time scale, human history is as brief as the blink of an eye. By compressing all 13.8 billion years of time into a 10 minute scale, this video shows just how young we truly are, and just how ancient and vast our universe is.

A Journey to the End of Time

How’s it all going to end? This timelapse of the future takes us on a journey to the end of time, trillions of years into the future, to discover what the fate of our planet and our universe may ultimately be.

Life Beyond Series: Chapter 1

Are we alone? Chapter 1 of this experience takes you to alien worlds and distant places in time and space, in search of where alien life might be hiding and what our place is within the history of life. After generations of wondering, the truth is finally within our reach. New research and technologies have brought us closer than ever to an answer – only a few decades in the eyes of some NASA scientists.

Our Home in Space

An info-graphic trip through the wonders of the solar system. The solar system – well known from countless documentaries. 3D animation on black background. This info-graphic videos tries something different. Animated info-graphics and a focus on minimalist design puts the information up front. We take the viewer on a trip through the solar system, visiting planets, asteroids and the sun.

Understanding Earth

Planet Earth is this solid thing you are standing on right now. In your everyday life you don’t really waste a thought about how amazing this is. A giant, ancient, hot rock. How did it come into existence and how big is it really? You will be surprised. The ground you are standing on is just a very, very small part of the big picture.

Black Holes

What would happen to you if a black hole the size of a coin suddenly appeared in your pocket? Watch the video to learn about black holes and find out what would happen!

The Fermi Paradox

Where are all the aliens? The universe is too big and too old, why have we not met aliens yet? Do they live in computers? Were they wiped out by an ancient super intelligence? Or are we just to primitive to understand their motives? Whatever the answer is, it is incredibly important for our own future. This is the Fermi Paradox Part 2.

Are You Alone?

Are you alone in the universe? To answer this question we have to take a look what “you” are first. What are you made of and where you stand in this universe. Let’s answer the ultimate question; “How you are connected to the big picture?”

How Big is the Moon?

How big is the Moon compared to the Earth? It might be much bigger than you think it is.

Where Are The Aliens?

The universe is unbelievably big with it’s trillions of stars and even more planets. So there just has to be life out there, right? But where is it? Why don’t we see any aliens? Where are they? And more importantly, what does this tell us about our own fate in this gigantic and scary universe? This is the Fermi Paradox Part 1.

What's the Big Bang?

How did everything get started? Has the universe a beginning or was it here since forever? Well, evidence suggests that there was indeed a starting point to this universe we are part of right now. But how can this be? How can something come from nothing? And what about time? We don’t have all the answers yet so let’s talk about what we know.!

Building a Moon Base

Did you know that we could start building a Lunar Base today? Let’s take a look into what it would take in order for us to create a lunar base on the moon!